UK Hardcore Producer N-Sane aka Nico Paul, Teams up with Filmmaker Luke Prince, to produce “FREE”

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Imagine taking some of the best stuff out of the old school sound and merging it with a current club scene. The outcome is perfect dance music with heavy bass and over the top synth sounds. N-Sane’s compositions sound so original and really stand out among other Djs who are all jumping over to the mainstream sound. Of course when you match N-Sane with creative filmmaker Luke Prince, you end up with an audiovisual experience second to none. And this is exactly what happens here…

UK Hardcore producer N-Sane aka Nico Paul, teams up with the filmmaker Luke Prince for the second time, to produce a Halloween themed rollercoaster of a ride with the music video for his new single, “Free.”

Following hard on the heels of Aprils video for “Living in Ecstasy,” the duo have created a nightmarish journey through the music producers dreams, as he deals with the events of his previous video.

“We decided that we definitely wanted to tie in with the time of year the video was being released,” the videos writer and director, Luke Prince said, “Halloween meant we could do something a bit more sinister, and we loved the idea of creating a nightmare on film. It allowed me to run with so many bizarre and stylized concepts, all of which molded together into this visual journey”.

DJ N-Sane added, “I think it’s amazing. Watching this come together from Luke’s concept, the filming, and then watching the finished article has been incredible. I love the video, and I think it compliments my track perfectly. I’m very proud of the track and video,”

The feedback has been fantastic amongst the fan base so far, and is another huge achievement for N-Sane’s growing reputation within the scene. A string of successful shows, releases on multiple recognized labels, and becoming a major artist on The Future of Hardcore records. His previous single Take Me Away reached number 14 in the Track It Down Hardcore 100, and follow up single ‘Dirty Disco’ was the best selling track on The Future of Hardcore Label.

The whole N-Sane hardcore movement is great and this single forms another piece of his dynamic musical puzzle. It’s innovative and ridiculously catchy, while the video is a gem just waiting to be discovered and enjoyed. “Free” is a great high-energy track, I can’t recommend it enough, especially if you’re a fan of club/dance/electronic music. It’s certainly nothing you’ll ever hear playing on U.S. radio, which is a big plus in my book!

N-Sane is a delight to listen to for high energy, deep basslines and very danceable music. If you like your beats throbbing with a seriously electro bent, then this is for you. Luke Prince’s video, as always, adds the cherry on top!



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