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Whitney Anthony releases her latest video “Safe and Sorry” on worldwide premiere through Youtube and Vevo. Whitney Anthony is truly the best of both worlds, as Carolina soul blends with the good vibes of California in Anthony’s music. To Whitney, making music is all about telling stories. And she has some good ones. “I’ve been writing and performing stories since I was a little girl,” says Whitney. “Many of them experiences or observations from my own life but I enjoy imaginative ones too. I still have an old notebook of mine from childhood filled with songs and poems that I wrote. Some of them I can hardly read my own handwriting because I was just learning how to write, that’s how young I was. And how old the notebook is,” she jokes. Whitney credits her love for story-songs to her southern upbringing, influenced by country music artists from Shania Twain to Deana Carter.

whitney-anthony-logoWhitney began her career in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, however after graduating, fate had other plans as she was soon on her way to Los Angeles to make her dreams come true. To fly across the country to pursue a dream, knowing only one or two other people: it’s the kind of impulsive act that seems insane even to Whitney herself, looking back. “You’re young, so you don’t have any idea how big things are. I admit I was a little scared, but I was more scared of what would happen if I didn’t try.” This driven, confident attitude has followed Whitney for most of her life and is woven throughout her music like a thread.

Since 2011, she shares a network with some of the greatest legends and current innovators of the music world today, from the Marley family to DJ Skee. At 24 years old, Whitney already has a lot under her belt, including collaborating with dancehall king Tony CD Kelly (Sean Paul, Wayne Wonder, Shaggy and more) and mega producer Cory Rooney, who has written and developed many hits and careers for artists including Jennifer Lopez, Mariah Carey, and Mary J. Blige. In good company, Whitney is just getting started. Currently wrapping up her project with Boyd Allen Music Group, she is sure to make her mark on the music world in 2014.


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