AIC: The First and Best Independent Music Charts Covering The Entire American Continent!

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Since many years, the Independent Music Artists, especially in the American Continent, were not getting REAL GOOD BENEFICIAL exposure to their tunes without breaking the bank, like they say! But the days have proved and are still proving that the AIC (America Independent Charts), where ONLY Independent songs in multiple languages are charted, is charting awesome tunes that are getting real good promotion and exposure in All the American Continent basically, as well as internationally, for many Independent Artists, including top famous ones.

The promoters, who help you getting your song inside the AIC, send the song to all kinds of radio stations and music TVs that are monitored by that charts, as well as to the DJs who report in a certain system for that charts and who play in many top nightclubs, pubs, restaurants, bars, retails stores through special systems, and more… Getting a song inside the AIC Charts is due to many factors, but it’s generally based on gathering POINTS and ACHIEVEMENTS due to exposure and assessment. The AIC charters have at least 30 years of good experience in the industry, so they know how to calculate and assess professionally every song to be placed in the AIC.

The AIC promoters accept tracks from all music genres done by good and serious Independent Artists Worldwide. The track should be well-produced, clean, and official. Getting charted there has been proved to help Independent Artists build real fan bases and good radio and charting histories. This fact will surely help them advancing in their career and getting many deals. Here is the AIC’s main website:

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