Alonzo Reid: “Three Wishes” from the album, Striving 4 Perfection

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Alonzo Reid
Alonzo Reid

Alonzo Reid is a native of Montgomery, Alabama. He was inspired by his mother at the age of six to play drums. He was raised and taught by Gospel legends such as The Brooklyn Allstars of Brooklyn, NY and the Swan Silvertones of Pittsburg, PA. Alonzo has had the privilege to play behind many great gospel legends such as Shirley Caesar, Dorothy Norwood, The Mighty Clouds of Joy, The Soul Stirrers, and Aretha Franklin before crossing over to Rhythm and Blues in 1977. He has also played drums and percussions for fourteen years for the late great Marvin Sease (The Candy Licker) as well as performing for Bobby Womack and Mel Waiters for several years.

Alonzo Reid had the opportunity to step out into the forefront, with the release of his debut CD “Undercover Freak”.  Now Alonzo has dropped the single “Three Wishes” from his album, Striving 4 Perfection.  Warning: This is some smooth dark chocolate baby making music! Alonzo has always had a voice but with this track I think he’s taken it to another level. If you enjoy the past vocal rapture of this artist you will love this single and the sultry mixture that it contains.

The mellow beat and tender singing that Alonzo does is pure, soulful and of one who demonstrates true talent. He is a real singer true to his craft. He is a great balladeer and real smooth on the mic. I’m so glad I bumped into this dude as he is doing great music.  Unfortunately, we do not have a decent selection of good R&B music as we did back in the 80’s and 90’s, but now we need not worry as Alonzo Reid is taking care of things.

Thankfully, I haven’t been too tainted with the music of today, which continues to repeat over-hyped and autotuned, talentless singers.  If you have love in your life, and you just want to express yourself, throw Alonzo Reid’s music on. If you don’t have anyone to love, and you just want to know what love is, listen to Alonzo anyway, as he’s got all the right lines!

OnThree Wishes”, Alonzo Reid has the voice and the smooth grooves that make him so good!


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