Bangladeshi versatile singer Sayera Reza Releases The Album “Urban Folks”

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Sayera Reza, a Bangladeshi versatile singer just released her 3rd solo album titled “Urban Folks” exclusively on folk songs. The album was presented by the Blue Planet Group and released under the banner of ‘Gaanchill Music’ on 5 September 2016 at a prestigious venue in New York.

sayera-reza-350Known for her unique voice signature, Sayera came to the lime-light in 2008 through her hugely popular song “Dhar Dharina”.This gifted and award winner artist has earned national and international acclaims for her many other popular numbers, such as “Ek Nimishe”, “Maan Bhangabo”, “Tui Jodi Amar Hoitire” etc. She also sang the hit song “Ore Shona” of the movie “Common Gender”.

Sayera is a dominant stage performer. Apart from touring all over Bangladesh, she has been doing concerts at various prestigious venues; London, Birmingham, Swindon, Brighton, Paris, Brussels, Bangkok, Florida, New York, and New Jersey are just a few. She has a wide range of fan base both at home and abroad.

Prominent American and Bangladeshi musicians like Stephen Tubin, Dean Bohana, DJ Rahat, Shihub Ripon and Ahmed Kislu have composed the 7 songs of this album. These new renditions of folk songs have already made waves amongst the music lovers. “Urban Folks” is available on music streaming services like Robi Yonder Music App, GP Music, official website of the artist, and, alongside services of Gaanchill as well.

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