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Mitchell Similton (born February 20, 1986), better known as his stage name Banknote Mitch aka Money Mitch is an American rapper, entrepreneur, and founder of Black Array Entertainment. He was born in Concord, NC and raised in Charlotte, NC.

Banknote Mitch aka Money Mitch
Banknote Mitch aka Money Mitch

Mitch’s strong affiliation with the East Coast Blood Gang landed him in a juvenile detention center at the early age of 13 for Attempted Murder. After the birth of his first son at the age of 17, Mitch started to focus on his career as a recording artist. He has worked with Slip-N-Slide Records, Roc-A-Fella Records, and even G-Unit Records before being blackballed in 2008.

Mitch continued to create and release music leading to G-Unit Record’s co-founder Bang’em Smurf signing him in 2015. The release of his first commercial project “Accession to the Throne” (EP) helped solidify his brand.

Shortly after he established his own record label Black Array Entertainment, and with the aid of Eminem’s Shadyville DJs, Mitch successfully released his mixtape entitled “Field of Dreams” followed by “The Reincarnation of Rich Porter” and “Warning Sign (Slime Season 4 No Young Thug)”.


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