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His name is Tha GT, a moniker for many names just depends on what mind frame he is in. But for now it’s Giving Thanks. He is a 38 yr old veteran from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Father of two wonderful kids. Tha GT has 20 yrs plus of just being involved around music. Did his first track in 2003. He featured on rapper Beelow, also from Louisiana, on a CD called, “Thugs Gone Wild” and a track named “No Ass Bouncing”.

In 2005 Tha GT was in a group called Tha Problem Solvas. They had some success with their mixtapes, and single releases “Flossin” and “Get Like Me”. What really sets Tha GT aside is his lyricism, and his mic presence. Him being from the South, nobody really expects Tha GT to approach the mic the way he does.

In a culture of bounce tracks and what they like to call jig music, Tha GT’s music reflects those elements plus the influences of surrounding regions giving him a unique sound not many can deny. The grimy delivery over southern bass induced rhythms make him quite a force in the music game and a name to he remembered.

Instagram: @tha_gt
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