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I’m Charlie Cartel, a versatile artist who was born & raised in New Jersey. I also have natural genetics due to both sides of my family being musically inclined & artistic. Not only am I highly capable of singing and rapping, I also learned the skills of engineering & producing music. What makes me different from other artists is my voice, the variety of style I bring to each song and the ability to write under any circumstance. My inspiration was really simple to incorporate. It’s really a present situation of finding someone who fits with your style, personality or just really hard to not notice. It’s about someone of my interest that makes me feel a certain way but a good way. I feel this topic is very relatable to most people. While I made the instrumental I’ve realized how much things have changed in the music world & I’m a huge fan of music from the 80’s & the 90’s. I wanted to bring back some old school chill vibes that would stand out from today’s style.


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