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Christian Corsi is an artist and music producer with a warm, unique sound. His music blurs the lines between a wide variety of genres and styles, including modern EDM styles like Deep House and even a dash of electro-pop, among others.

Christian has been quite busy in the studio recently, and the result is a fantastic new release titled “Higher”. This fantastic studio work serves as a really good introduction to the artist, so if this actually happens to be the very first time for you listening to Christian, you will not be disappointed.

As the name of this song might suggest, the compositional style is really uplifting, with big build-ups and massive melodic breaks that are catchy and easy to relate to. In addition to that, there is something truly incredible about how every element in this production falls in together so seamlessly.

The drum patterns, for instance, never seem to overpower the melodic layers, and the ambient-driven parts are seamlessly tucked into the arrangement, adding more depth rather than imposing over the whole structure. The sound of this release is spot-on, and the music features a really special approach to production, in line with some of the highest standards in the industry today.

In other words, it appears that Christian definitely knows what he is doing here, and everything about this release stands out as a testament to his ability as a producer and composer. There is nothing quite like the energy of a good contemporary EDM song, and this track by Christian really nails that vibe, capturing the interest of the listeners from the moment they hit the play button.

“Higher” is a strong indication of greater things to come from Christian, and it’s definitely a sign that people should have this artist on their radar.

Find out more about Christian Corsi, and do not pass up on the artist’s excellent music and one-of-a-kind production aesthetics!


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