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Don Life Grizzly is shaking up the hip-hop scene with a new, exciting single titled “Upperhand”. The song is endowed with the warmth of the old school and the punch of contemporary rap, making for a unique twist.

Don Life Grizzly is a hip-hop artist based in Milwaukee, WI. He has developed a unique approach to the genre. His most recent single, Upperhand, offers a great outlook on his sound and vision, portraying his creativity and excellent performance value.

One of the best things about Upperhand is certainly the fact that this track blurs the lines between the grit and warmth of the golden age of the genre, while retaining the clarity and punch of contemporary hip-hop. Think of it as a powerful combination of old-school and modern rap, colliding into a very personable tone, and echoing the work of seminal performers as diverse as A Tribe Called Quest, Jay Critch, Big Sean or Drake, just to mention but a few.

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About New Dawn Music Group: New Dawn Music Group is an independent record label that specializes in EDM, hip-hop, and Afro-pop music.

Website: www.donlifecollective

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