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Dr Kings Oturu is a British Nigerian based in Scotland. He is an artist, author and teacher among other talents. He is originally from Ariam Usaka, Ikwuano LGA , Abia State, Nigeria. He gave his life to Christ while in Kings’ College Lagos in 1989 after which he went to medical school in University of Sokoto before winning a scholarship to the UK for masters and later PhD in international health. He is a serial social entrepreneur having set up the Prevention and Control of AIDS/STDS Foundation, the African Scottish Development Organisation ( and the Holy Ghost Chapel (

He loves travel and spending time outdoors in the beach. His music is inspired from prayer in God’s presence which enabled him successfully pass his various professional exams. He is passionate about the work of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian. Most of his music has been developed during difficult times when he needed the help of God. You too, will be blessed and encouraged, as you listen to his music.


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