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Elta arrived in London from Jerusalem in 2015 with nothing but a guitar and a suitcase. Following her love for music, she worked as a sound engineer all over London now releasing one of her newest singles to be featured on her upcoming album.

The inspiration behind, “Everything I’ve Got”: “I wrote this song when I was busking for a living after my ex emptied my bank account. Initially, it was a love song, and then when I found out how naive I was, this song matured with me. At the time in China town, there were a lot of people busking with us and we sort of became a group of friends, meeting in front of O’Neil’s and figuring out if Piccadilly square was busy enough on that day or not, helping each other if one of us ran out of battery or lending mic stands.”

“I borrowed my best friend’s Cube street amp back then, and 2 years later he produced this song with me over lockdown. It felt like I lost everything, but I wasn’t alone. I hope people will be encouraged by this song to take another chance in life even if it means to start all over.”

“We are all a part of the same sea, maybe even just waves. My music bears a message of change; Songs you can put on to get through good times and hard times. They helped me out of a few storms when they formed in my head while listening to The Doors, Queen, Florance+The Machine and Nirvana on repeat. Then, they rocked stages through great times in London’s live music scene, which made me understand my music’s mission! I want to make people feel good, accepted and understood, how they are, and give them a lift up when they are in deep water.” – Elta Wave

The working souls on this track:
Elta Wave – Songwriting & vocals.
Mr.Monsef – Production, arrangement & most instruments performance.
Edward Abela – Post production, synth, mix & master.

Connect with Elta Wave:
IG @eltawaves
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