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No need to contemplate in grabbing this track. If you a true EsZ (Erron’s Attic) fan, you’ll get “Up Thinking” either way. I love a lot of different styles of hip hop and really dig this track. And it’s not just because it is so different and unique, and I’m not some elitist who only considers underground independent music any good.

But this is simply an excellent track. The production matches the vocals, and a lot of hip hop music totally lacks such an agreement, believe it or not! And the lyrics are refreshingly straight forward, with no fluff. Many hip hop heads today only consider a rapper’s use of big words and clever wordplay and then call the ensuing stream of obscurity poetry. They forget about emotion…completely.

The single cover
The single cover

I too appreciate clever wordplay but if it doesn’t move me, then the use of awkward unfamiliar wording just to impress, won’t work. EsZ’s lyrical skill is rather a culmination of subtleties but the list is too lengthy to go over here. My point is EsZ touches on many emotional aspects in his songs.

And he does that again here while he’s “Up Thinking” about his girl, probably late at night. Another favorite quality is EsZ’s cadence, which is completely original and highly infectious. Right from the very first bar, EsZ grips the listener, with his powerful lyrics and soft beatlines.

“Up Thinking” is a recording that manages to do what no mainstream hip-hop tracks usually do; combine a slow and deep piano-driven hook, intelligent lyrics and a sublime melody. EsZ possesses a lyrical mastery that’s up there with the best of them and you can’t help but be drawn into his personal tales of day-to-day existence. Forget tales of gunplay, drug dealing and gangsta posturing; this is a representation of the real life and love of many more people today.

This is a track that you can listen to at home to get in the ‘mood’ on a Saturday night, or one that you can wake up to on a Sunday morning with a fry up. The main attraction of this track though, is that it speaks to everyone and anyone who’s in a relationship or has a strong desire for someone can relate to what EsZ is saying in “Up Thinking”.


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