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It may seem like overnight success for the Detroit based gospel rap artist Exodus Swift. But in reality Exodus Swift has put out more albums in the past five years than Jay Z has released in twelve years. Although some of his earlier work was overlooked he kept releasing albums off his Independent Label TGE LLC and from his major deal with TMG.

This is an artist that has kicked, scratched, punched, and fought his way to get to where he is now. And after all of that music that he has already released, he has made it clear also that he is not slowing down. Exodus Swift is a powerful poet. He is a wordplay king. He is a lyrical genius. And it is about time for someone to bridge the gap between realness and hip hop today.

Exodus Swift
Exodus Swift

If there is one thing that stands out about Exodus Swift and all his songs it is the fact that after listening to them you feel uplifted and empowered. He has a very unique and God given talent to be Christian-centered in his music and his rhymes without being preachy. I have to say that his latest 5-track EP, ‘Untamed’, brings a new flavor that is sure to appeal to all who like diversity and creativity. It showcases Exodus Swift’s ability to catch your attention with hope filled lyrics and with bringing the truth.

‘Untamed’ is very inspirational taking on personal, religious and political issues without neglecting any of the craft that is making Exodus Swift one of the most sincere and determined artists in the game. The production is solid and diverse with Exodus bringing fresh rhyme schemes and flows to each song. Exodus Swift comes back with a vengeance on this EP and just about every song is awesome and communicates a great message. The whole thing is powerful.


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