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Fellowcraft are a new band formed in the Washington DC area during the last 8 months. Their core consists of JR Macdonald – Vocals, Guitar and Brian Nelson-Palmer – Drums Backup Vocals. A few weeks back they hit all major digital platforms with their 2 single package, aptly titled…”The Singles”. Fellowcraft have a series of 7 upcoming gigs at venues around the Washington DC area in the next 3 months, so keep an eye out!

fellowcraft-350I hope somebody called up the rest of the rock n’ roll bands out there to tell them they’ve just been replaced. With this effort you can feel Fellowcraft doing some growing in all the right places. These tracks remind me of so many efforts from various 60’s bands who couldn’t give a hoot about what everyone else thought, they just did their thing. If you liked it fine, and if you didn’t like it then shine on brother, shine on, it’s just rock n’ roll.

If you harken back to the days when music was something felt deep inside and someone actually new how to put a song together, then you will really love this release from Fellowcraft. Their sound comes from the soul not the console. JR Macdonald’s guitar work is spot on and gives this recording the kick it needs to made it above average, while Brian Nelson-Palmer holds the groove together neatly.

Their music is not a revival, but it is in some way nostalgic, and fans of early rock with blues and funk influences will eat this up. If you love rock music not too overproduced, with energy and musicians who are making it clear through their playing that they have the ambition to be on top of the world, then you need to do yourself a favor and check out the tracks “Learning to Love Again” and “Long Gone” by Fellowcraft.

“The Singles” sounds big, powerful, bowsum and gritty. More importantly it avoids the glossy rockstar-perfect ‘stamp-them-out-safe’ formulaic hit tunes. Fellowcraft does exactly what it takes to separate them from the rest of the modern-day pack. Crank it up and disturb the neighbors…they might dig it. I’m doing that right now.


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