goldAP should be able to easily acquire a solid underground following

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Anthony Pinto aka goldAP, is a new and upcoming rap and hiphop artist from Torrance, California. goldAp is currently showcasing 3 tracks on his audio stream produced by Michael Hajdu & Jake Kiyokane – namely “Lost Keys”, “Sleepless” and “Voice (Introduction)”. For freshman tracks these are incredibly outgoing pieces of work. Most dudes want to try and make a huge splash, by dropping a bunch of bangers and songs with quickly slapped together lyrics, but goldAP did the opposite. These tracks are mostly filled with bassy undertones, soulful tunes and chill ambient vibes which really ties into his cool, laidback sound.

The Sleepless cover
The Sleepless cover

I think goldAP is really coming up, and if he keeps pressing on with the same conviction, maybe stepping up his releases with a mixtape  or full album he will soon make some serious headway into the game within 5 years. For starters, I respect him for putting these tracks out without the help of a label or anything. Furthermore, for now I’m glad he cares more about the quality of music rather than the number of releases he has. Even if he does sign with a label eventually I hope he maintains creative control because he’s got a gift for lyricism as well as selecting the beats to go with them. Personally I think goldAP is a great artist to support and I would tell anyone to buy 2 copies of anything he releases; one for them and one to give to a friend, they’ll thank you later!

goldAP brings a different feel to anything that he touches. His music is original and has a classic-style sound to it. The very smooth beats and lyrics is something to sit back and relax to, so just shoot the vodka and close your eyes. And you can do this right from “Lost Keys [prod. Michael Hajdu & Jake Kiyokane]”. The utter coolness of this track this will draw a lot of people in. If you’re looking for a fresh face of rap and to hear something different then take a listen to this.

The Lost Keys cover
The Lost Keys cover

goldAP’s style and music is trendsetting as he blazes his own path, offering a very refreshing and mature sophistication that you can recognize instantly on “Sleepless [Prod. Michael Hajdu & Jake Kiyokane]” but yet it also reveals itself slowly as you become more familiar with the production style and delivery, as can be heard on “Voice (Introduction) [Prod. Michael Hajdu & Jake Kiyokane]”.

The production on these tracks is exemplary, and one of the very reasons goldAP should be able to easily acquire a solid underground following; the other reason of course being his rhymes and flow, which are expansive, nuanced and different. Each track captivates the listener and almost all the beats are pitted perfectly against the lyrics to evoke certain emotions and messages. All in all, for a dude just starting out in the industry, goldAP does what he does, very well indeed!


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