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Ian C Bouras, who is known for his amazing live looping performances and  creating the ‘one man band’ he is well known for,  is set to perform on the 20th Feb to raise money and awareness for the condition Ataxia.

Ataxia being something that Ian suffers from, provides more of a fitting artist to be performing at the event. The condition is a rare neurological one that affects co-ordination. Known as ‘the drunk disease’ it can make people seem as if they have been drinking alcohol. At the moment, Ian’s condition is not progressing fast, however it is starting to have an impact on his guitar playing.

Ian says he now plays a lot slower, however now he feels its a much deeper experience for both him and his fans. Ian also turns the negative aspect of the condition into a positive by using the condition to raise awareness for Ataxia.

This latest event is being held at Utica Brews (809 Court St. Utica, NY 13502). Alongside Bouras, there will also be Kevin Keating, and Kevin Alexander performing. Food and drinks will also be served.

Ian Bouras’ career as a musician has been quite decorated. Some of the high points include, touring and opening up for The Temptations. He has also played in rock bands and was a session musician for various other bands and artists.

Nowadays, he is shifting towards a concept called ‘Live looping’ Bouras can generate the sound of a much bigger act or band just using his voice and guitar. Percussion can be added and layers of sound get built creating a much bigger sound than just vocals and guitar. Often, spectators watching this are baffled and impressed  how this technique can be executed live.

More info about Ataxia:

Ian C Bouras’ website:

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