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J Dews is a young rising artist coming out of East Texas. His most recent music video is titled “Old Wayz” which is the beat for Bryson Tiller’s song “Cancelled” but J Dews adds his own flair to the record. J Dews has picked up a lot of fans as of late and plans on taking his music career to the next level.

Growing up playing sports he always knew music was what he truly had a passion for. His latest mixtape “Trust Me” which dropped earlier this year had received great feedback around Texas and he plans on taking it to that next level.

J Dews & Patrick Mahomes

Patrick Mahomes his close friend growing up, inspired J Dews to take it to the next level – which is what Mahomes himself has been doing in the NFL so far this season. Goes to show what hard work can do.

J Dews plans on dropping his next project either later this year, or early next year. His last project “Trust Me” helped get him to where he is now and he wants to capitalize on the momentum going into his next move.

lil Mekk directed J Dews’ last video “Old Wayz”, while Jack Sadlers has directed the majority of his previous videos and will continue to do so moving forward.

You can follow and find out more about J Dews on TWITTER and INSTAGRAM.

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