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We came across an independent artists named Krys K who Multi-platinum artist “Ne-Yo” recently shared on his social media! He interviewed her and played her music for his millions of fans! We reached out to her and had to know more about her and her music and wanted to know how she caught his attention and what she’s working on! Read on as we interview the very talented “Krys K”.

What made you want to become an artist and how did you get your start in music?

My Mama said I came here singing so, I guess I always knew that some sort of artistry was enviable in my life. I grew up singing in church, but I didn’t want to do it professionally at first. I wanted to be a pediatric cardiologist who was going to find the cure for cardiomyopathy and enlarged heart, but God was like “Nah, baby girl I got that. You sing this song on Sunday. This, this is what you do.” So, I sang “Washed Away;” by Kirk Franklin and the Family and it was like I was floating the entire time watching myself sing. That’s when I knew what I was supposed to do. After that the opportunities just flooded in.

What inspired your first release off your new album “KISS”?

A lot of my songs start as poems. Kiss was inspired by something that one of my homegirls went through and it was also a poem I wrote called “HER” about an ex-relationship that I had prior to my marriage.

You’re also not just a typical aspiring artist. You’ve actually studied and went to school for this! Tell us a little about your background and education in music.

I have always been a person constantly finding ways to educate myself. I got my BFA in Creative Writing for Entertainment from Full Sail University and a Music Business Certificate from San Francisco State University’s MRI Program. I believe in the 5 p’s. Proper preparation prevents poor performance or in other words if you stay ready you don’t have to get ready.

Where are some of your favorite places that you’ve performed?

Well first off, I’m a church girl so I love singing in church, but I really loved performing at Pixar studios, at the SF Jazz Fest, and I enjoyed performing at the Black Expo

You also were recently interviewed by global super star Ne-Yo himself! He shared your music and shared it with his fans on Instagram. Tell us about that!

 I was really blessed to be scrolling on IG (Instagram) one day that Neyo had posted that he was looking for Artist who were serious about their music journey. All he asked was for serious artists to direct message him. I definitely double dutched through my feelings for a bit but once my nerves eased up a little, I hit the send button and by the Grace of God the connection was made and he hosted a song for me and we did a live on IG for that song. It was amazing. He’s a phenomenal person so shout out to him and make sure to be on the lookout for the new fire that he is dropping soon.

Who would be your dream collaboration if you could work with any artist who ever lived?

That’s a hard one for me, because I’m not sure I could just pick one. There are so many legends that have passed and so many that are still living. I can give a top 7 but I can’t narrow it down to one. My seven in no particular order are Whitney Houston, Luther Vandross, En Vogue (w/Dawn Robinson), Jill Scott, Alicia Keys, Missy Elliot, and Bruno Mars.

Any upcoming projects you’re working on that you’d like to share with the readers?

I am currently working on an album and a book of poetry to accompany it.


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