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Lake of the Lion is the brand name and moniker for Luxembourg music composer and producer, Daniel Kohnen, who is steadily building up his catalog and increasing his fan-base with regular new releases. In recent years, ambient instrumental and soundtrack scores have been following a certain trend. Composers seem to have this motif of creating overblown pieces with harsh lead instruments blasting out from the blue and background strings creating suspense with their melodies. Sure it was fun for a while, but within that little span of time listeners were just begging for it to stop because composers had this knack for just creating this style just for the hell of it.

The great thing about Lake of the Lion’s composing is the way that he can embody all the emotive sounds and textures of his lead instruments, the strings, as well the rest, and bring them together to create very subtle, haunting yet triumphed sound with differing timbres.

Lake of the Lion has created some extremely emotive pieces, yet the melodies and haunting harmonies that are created for the music make the listener feel every heartbeat that is in the composer’s intention.

For example “Shallow – Lost”, one of Lake of the Lion’s recent pieces, which tells the story of someone who has lost a dear friend, is a calming, yet strangely disturbing track is  made up of gentle plucking and whimsical keyboard melodies.

The depth of the interlocking parts is astounding; it’s a gorgeous piece of bittersweet melancholic music. Instead, “Save” is a collection of 5 tracks that according to the composer is meant to showcases the struggle of survival in the winter season.

“Save” is a masterwork of multilayered orchestration with strong piano melodies. Like a movie soundtrack, it’s introspective, delving into areas of the soul that are usually left alone, and as such succeeds in being a great work of art. The album is currently in pre-release, and has two songs available for direct streaming.

You can find out more about Lake of the Lion and listen to his music via the links below.


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