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While her music warrants adoration in and of itself, Laura has captivated the hearts and support of many ever since the release of her first album “To My Planet Boo” in 2009. The singer successfully demanded the attention and affection of an entire nation. Drawing inspiration from industry legends such as Aretha Franklin, Stevie Wonder, Donny Hathaway and others, Laura Jane is quickly riding the momentum from her success on her latest EP; as she just gets started with an Indie publicist.

Laura Jane stands forth as a musician and performing artist: incredibly lush, immersive musical productions and vocal arrangements. With a style that is both melodic and catchy, complementing her unique musical vocals with a fresh modern edge, Laura possesses an uncanny talent for conveying massive amounts of information via her body language and eye contact that is present through all her performances. Couple her dreamy and sultry vocal style with her governing stage presence, and you’ve got a powerful recipe for success.

Every bit of Laura Jane’s musical experience and prowess culminates itself in her newest EP release, “Weep Willow.” No stranger to performing cover songs with her own personal twist on the original arrangement, Laura often finds her vocal style compared to R&B legends such as Donny Hathaway, GOD AND GODDESS, and Barbara Striesand, which makes sense when listening to her new EP.

When asked whether Covid did affect her music career, Laura Jane reflected on the production of “Weep Willow,” saying “Covid was catastrophic for artists, and live music, however it forced us to reinvent ourselves and the luxury of time had its benefits. That is how and why WEEP WILLOW – this EP is stuff I produced at home and wrote at home, the luxury of time forced me to go deeper with my writing and I produced all the vocals myself in my home studio – MY CLOSET!!

It still remains to be seen if covid changed my career for better or worse, I but I will say most of us artists rose the occasion…” It always reminds me how important it is for singers/songwriters to find ways to evoke change in their viewers so they can relate and connect with their messages. It is only a heavily anticipated matter of time before Laura Jane starts her own musical journey. While we keep our eyes peeled for original releases from the artist, there are plenty of soulful covers to enjoy in the meantime.


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