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Getting Ready To Release New Single – “White Noise”

Spaceport Union is a brilliant constellation of diverse talents including award-winning Goth and art-rocker Caroline Spence, on guitars, keys and vocals; multi-instrumentalist Adam Basterfield (who also moonlights in the Pink Floyd tribute, ‘Pigs’), on lead guitar, keys and vocals, ‘in the pocket’ drummer, Taylor Charles, and with deep, rhythmic grooves, bassist and harmony vocalist, Aaron St.Arnault.

The band is currently hard at work on their brand new album, which follows in the footsteps of their 2012 critically acclaimed debut “Flirting with the Queen”. Positive comments and reviews abounded on the album’s release:

“‘Flirting with the Queen’ is a triumph that will win the hearts and minds of all who hear it and for progressive fans it is an absolute must.”Sonic Abuse (UK) 

“Flirting with the Queen…each song carries its own musical flavor, and they all taste delightful…top notch. Spaceport Union sound as if they’ve been doing this for a long time, and the overall feel of the album as a whole comes off as complete and substantial…truly some great music here…”M. Gagne (Freelance/Allmusic)

“‘Minnow’ is a modern prog classic in the making…”M.Anthony (UberRock UK).


Fueled by media enthusiasm, I decided to follow up and see just what the band would be capable of releasing with their new album, by taking a look at what they’ve done before, as an appetizer!

The first thing that came to mind after listening to just 2 tracks Yer Battery’s Dyin’ and Minnow is that this band’s musical vision is an uncompromising place. There’s no room for frivolity in this dense and fertile undergrowth. This is serious music, songs to listen to reverently with headphones.

The band is tight, musically inventive, bursting with energy and is underpinned with the defining characteristic of true professionals: a marked degree and balance of genius, discipline and restraint. There is however compositional brilliance, musical light and shade with great dynamics and surprises throughout; you never know what’s coming next and the more you listen, the more you appreciate its hidden depths.

If you like great, adventurous music and especially what might loosely be described as an avant-garde rock style, the best advice is: just listen to Spaceport Union and prepare to be blown away.

Taylor Charles’ right-on emotional percussion forms the backbone of the band. His pulsing, shimmering syncopations are enhanced by Aaron St. Arnault’s  thrumming bass, overlaid and brought into sharp focus by Adam Basterfield and Caroline Spence’s powerfully creative six-string musical innovations.

Words may be useless in describing this band, but if “Flirting with the Queen” does not represent a pinnacle achievement by this group, then heaven knows how artistically elevated their follow-up might be!

For fans of unique and powerful music, look no further, Spaceport Union is genius. Their debut album is nothing short of a revelation – it shows that rock music can be both powerful and intelligent. The question is just how far can this band go? With their new single “White Noise” ready for release and their album in the pipeline for summer, it won’t be long until we have the answer!


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