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Psychedelic and exotic flavours bring Luca Draccar’s latest EP, ‘Neo Noir Plaisir,’ to life. Modernistic and progressive, Draccar blurs the lines between genres, refusing to be given a label, something that he feels is only suitable for supermarket packaging. Thinking outside of the box, ‘Neo Noir Plaisir’ goes beyond limitations and into a universe all of its own. This vast panorama of sound explores layers of electronic textures and rhythms, sometimes minimal, other times maximal, transporting listeners on a transient journey. “The stories that speak to us most intensely have the ability to erase those who tell them and also those who invented them.” explains Draccar, who threads a story through each song. Each one is brooding and intense, cloaked in darkness, living up to its noir title, a trait that Luca Draccar crafts so cleverly through his music. Based in Berlin, with Italian roots, Luca Draccar discovered his infatuation with technology and music whilst studying at university. He developed his production ability by DJing throughout the metropolis of Milan where he assembled his techno musicality, leading to multiple releases.

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