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On the back of his success with recent EP ‘Soul Grabber,’ Luca Draccar returns with a new collection of songs, full to the brim with electronic soundscapes that are moody, magnetic, and modernistic. ‘419’ is the latest release from Berlin-based techno producer Luca Draccar, who has built a sonic story around the formation of 419. An enigma for For One Night, the numbers look something like this; 4 = For, 1 = One and 9 = Night. This innovative title plays around with the concept of one night stands, an intense night that is often soon forgotten. ‘419’ consists of three techno tracks that follow a journey of desire and longing.

‘Dadaism’ is the most lighthearted, lustful and sensual with shimmering guitars and repetitive drum beats that drive the song. ‘Lippen’ pulsates with distorted beats, while futuristic eerie voices chant above. It’s insistent and dramatic and full of tension.

‘Vagabondage’ breaks out synths and sequencers, complemented by dreamy, delayed guitar, with a hypnotic quality throughout. Luca Draccar knows that these nights of short-lived love don’t last forever, and the glitching, abstract feel to ‘419’ is a fitting representation.

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