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Luke Underhill Productions, Inc. announced the titles and release dates of 2 CD’s by artist Luke Underhill. “Atlas” available for digital download worldwide on May 12, 2015 and “Atlas Unplugged”, available on May 19, 2015.

Luke Underhill is a rising star in the Chicago area and has recently gained national attention with his music. He is a 19 yr old singer/songwriter who plays multiple instruments and continues to turn heads when he performs with his band or as a solo artist.

“Atlas” is a full production 5 song EP in which he teamed with renowned British producer Stuart Epps on the high energy, power pop project.  As a bonus, “Atlas” also includes a 6th hidden track, which is a roughly produced lo-fi acoustic track, with a scratchy retro feel.

“The inspiration behind “Atlas” comes from the fact that there are many ways to live your life and you can find answers in many different ways and places. It’s hard to go it alone. Sometimes you need help, direction and guidance. Just like when you’re traveling to a destination by car, sometimes you need to refer to an “Atlas” for directions and guidance to help get you to your destination”………….Luke

Underhill then returned to the studio with local producers/sound engineers Bobby Scumaci and Brad Showalter on “Atlas Unplugged” in which he performs emotional acoustic renditions of tracks off “Atlas” along with additional new songs.

“I wanted to keep the acoustic versions real simple and pure, just me and my instrument with a few subtle accents here and there. Bobby and Brad really nailed the feel I was shooting for.”………Luke

Keep your eye on this young artist as a 3rd project is well under way for future release.

“There is an inspirational message in every song I write which I hope encourages and makes a difference to someone, somewhere”. “Inspiration is everywhere”……………Luke Underhill

For the best snapshot of Luke and to check out teasers go to:

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Twitter: @lukeunderhill_

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