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Music is not only sound for my ears, music is so much more for me. I got my first guitar when I was around 6 y/o from my grandfather, sadly he passed away a few years ago, and since that I started to produce my own music.

All of my writings, either texts or instrumental, all of my tracks speak to me and touch my heart, because I’m doing this for my grandfather, he’s the one who made me start with music.

This track is special for me. I started off writing a song for my grandfather a while ago, and this is the track. I continued on it and made it more like an Alan Walker style, and I let the instruments speak throughout the speakers, and there’s a lot of feelings in the instruments.

The track Sunset is in my opinion the absolute best track that I’ve made! And my goal with this track and my music overall, is to make all my fans and not fans out there, to feel what I feel.

What makes me unique is that I produce mostly instrumental, but I have a 2nd version of all my tracks with lyrics, and the way I build things up, and use the instruments that I use, is special, because I let the instruments talk, and bring out feelings. That is why I’m unique, and that’s my goal with the music, to get people to hear all the feelings in my tracks behind all instruments.


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