Missouri Musician and Songwriter, BMG LANDO continues to thrive in the Industry

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St. Louis, Missouri –24–year–old local St. Louis musician and songwriter Orlando Rideout, professionally recognized as BMG Lando, continues to make waves through the industry as he continues to expand his talents to both music production and acting. The young artist made his debut into the music scene back in 2019 with his first single Unbreakable, which incredibly made the Top 40 National Radio Hits and the New Music Weekly Top 100 –something most artists aren’t able to achieve in such a competitive industry.

After his debut, BMG Lando landed his role as the flagship artist for the Indie record label Big Money Gettas Music Group. He is currently working hard on his current album Love Struggles in the studio, which is expected to drop this year and has a new single titled Crazy that drops in two weeks. BMG Lando’s authentic style and lyrical genius truly sets him apart in the industry and has evidently proved to be an asset in his career, considering the amount of success he has had thus far in the industry.

This success has opened doors of opportunity for the young artist that has now landed him acting roles in upcoming productions and has allowed him to apply his musical talents to producing music for other young talents throughout the St. Louis area. When asked what his upcoming success means to him, the talented musician vocalized that “I owe it all to my mother and grandmother who saw the best in me from the very beginning. I am big on loyalty, respect, love, honesty, and integrity. Without them and their continued guidance throughout my life, I don’t know where I would be today. I’m on a life-long journey of success. I am more than willing to put in the work to make my future dreams and goals become my reality –and I would like to thank God for blessing me every day with the life that I have.”

More About BMG Lando: At the age of one, Orlando’s mother and grandmother discovered his innate talent for rhythm and drumming. To practice, his grandmother provided him with a button box and two hanger guards as drumsticks. By the age of five, Orlando began drumming at the St. Louis Black Expo and the Greater Calvary Baptist Church, where his family was very involved. Throughout his academic education at Jennings Senior High School, Orlando was involved in football, boxing, and baseball. After graduating, the young artist began his music career, which has led him to where he is today.

For more information about BMG Lando, please visit his official website to stay up to date on the artist’s upcoming projects and announcements.

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