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“I got a dream. It’s so big that it scares me,” sings Sammy G Tree in the rough draft of his single “Dream Catchers” set to drop officially in 2023. As a member of Music Only Records, which he joined as a Zenith subscriber, Sammy G Tree is exploiting his talents as a poet and is following his dreams as a songwriter and a musician. If you’re wondering what “Zenith” refers to, it’s the membership you can sign up to, over at Music Only Records.

This specific level of membership will get you access to all the music consultants and composers, marketing insiders and strategies, as well as exclusive and innovative industry game plans and  information, as is clearly described on the platform’s website. Moreover your subscription will get you discounts, unlimited music distribution, as well as free productions, graphic design and a whole lot of other necessary tools and goodies for independent musicians.

Though rough and raw, Sammy G Tree’s draft of his single remains both a comforting and disquieting piece of art and an essential statement from a work-in-progress talent.

We’re not sure how the final mix and production will turn out, but right now the song is an intimate, eloquent, stripped-down indie track, seeded with references to the songwriter’s ambition’s and dreams, and how he believes they will come true, even in the face of skepticism from any naysayers.

“Dream Catchers” sees the singer bare his soul over gritty tones and powerful guitar strums, his raw emotions spill out as he takes his voice to its frayed emotional edges. Sammy G Tree channels his sentiments throughout the track, exposing a level of repressed intensity that is ever-present. One of the most impressive aspects of Sammy G Tree as an artist is how much he can accomplish with such a simple-seeming arrangement.

At first listen, “Dream Catchers” sounds straightforward, but it’s rife with emotion and unique chord structures that generally may go unnoticed to the untrained ear. There is both a beautiful sense of fragility and an inflamed sense of self-empowerment running through the song.

No doubt, Sammy G Tree’s sound, will grow bigger and more ambitious when he finally gets to record the single, but for now, even in it’s bare-naked state, the singer- songwriter still shows an impeccable sense of song craft and execution.

It’s not hard to imagine the more embellished form that “Dream Catchers” will eventually take, once the crew over at Music Only Records are allowed to dig into the various facets of the track’s production and marketing.

This should give Sammy G Tree’s talent a really boost as he works his way towards the next step of his career. In the meantime, Music Only Records have launched 3 unlimited music distribution packages and other awesome artists services including playlist marketing to 1 million streams, alongside the Zenith option.

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