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Nancy Diaz was born in Toronto, Canada to immigrant parents of Chilean and Spanish descent, and so as a child, Nancy soaked up music from both cultures. Nancy’s parents instilled the benefits of hard work into her at an early age. With their struggles and a persistent commitment for a better life, she learned that anything is possible with hard work, dedication and a dream – for Nancy, her dream was to perform her songs on stage for people.

Nancy Diaz
Nancy Diaz

Throughout the years Nancy has collaborated with various producers and musical talent, not least of these being Dante Lattanzi of Caelum Music Production who worked with Nancy on her “Summer Attraction” single, as well as her “Eyes Don’t Lie” Ep. Lattanzi has a proven track record of only working with exceptional talent, which is another great calling card for Nancy Diaz. Currently Nancy Diaz and crew are promoting the single “Muevolo” and her upcoming Ep, set for release this summer!

On “Muevolo”, Nancy’s pure voice is underlined by a smooth, effective production signed by Dante Lattanzi. The track, as, you can gather from the title, is obviously fired-up by Latin-influenced rhythms and Spanish language vocals, which always gives this type of up-tempo rhythmic sound, a slinky sensual after-affect.

Impressed by the explosive exotic flavor of “Muevolo” and the pictures I picked up along the way of the sensuously attractive Nancy Diaz, I decide to backtrack to her songs on Youtube, to discover just what it is Nancy is doing!

Nancy Diaz’s tracks are upbeat, prompting you do get up and dance or at least bop around. She crosses the line between EDM and Pop, bringing the two together neatly. Deep basses and clever synth lines work together to drive her rhythms into energizing orbit and on “Muevolo”, Lattanzi brings in some Latino percussion and slick counter harmonies to give the song even more sonic dynamics.

Nancy knows how to use what she’s got in terms of vocals, but in EDM or Pop music, a big or great voice doesn’t matter if you don’t have good melodies and great hooks to work with. So Nancy Diaz will definitely have an advantage with Dante Lattanzi at the helm of production activities on her upcoming Ep release.

“Muevolo” is sexy, hot and suggestive and it’s probably the style that suits Nancy best. As equally stunning and attractive as the music she makes, it’s hard to imagine that Nancy Diaz won’t make further headway into the market. As long as she continues to produce songs that contribute to the ultimate goal and concept of who she is, Nancy Diaz will become completely irresistible…starting from “Muevolo” and her upcoming Ep!


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