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Heroin and crack cocaine addict overcomes her demons to create music that helps others transform themselves from victims to victors. When Nicole Perretti was a tiny tween in the 90’s she was in her room sneakily listening to N.W.A astonished by how these men were unapologetically coming up against a system that was oppressing them . Her heart knew then that she would begin writing music for the voiceless and oppressed. At 12 years old she was a rapping lyrical beast.

Nicole Perretti is the Co-Founder of Twin Flame Revolution, an intuitive coach and influencer that has helped 1000’s of people shifting their limiting beliefs, gain connection again with one’s soul so that they may create the shift in their lives to thrive. And now at 42 years old she has started her music career dropping her first single “Love Isn’t Gentle” giving a voice to addicts, the oppressed and to the human condition. All of her music is to uplift the listener, activating deep truth, for them to remember how powerful they are as creators.



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