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Plateau Music CEO Tony Mantor announces the release of a new Christmas song from Nashville artist Tabitha Fair, co-written by Richard Wold, Karen Taylor Good, and producer/arranger/ songwriter Bobby Whiteside.

Bobby Whiteside had a diverse, lifelong career in record and jingle production. His last request was to have his Christmas song, “Healing Of The World” released to radio.

This release coincides with a bonus track of his song, “When The Lovin’ Goes Out Of The Lovin” on the recent CD release from Barbra Streisand.

Whiteside was not new to the world of chart-topping records. He co-wrote Barbra Streisand’s hit “Comin In And Out Of Your Life” and “Guys Do It All The Time” by country star Mindy McCready.

He wrote songs on three platinum Streisand albums, one platinum and one gold Johnny Mathis album recorded in the 80’s and had other songs recorded by Walter Jackson, Paul Anka, the Dells and numerous other artists.

Songwriters Journey, a recently released biography of Bobby Whiteside’s life can be found in print at Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and on multiple platforms worldwide.

Additionally, Bobby had a long running career in jingle production. He had multiple credits in commercial production including the iconic “Like A Good Neighbor” spot for State Farm. In his role as jingle producer, he furthered the careers of artists Lane Brody, Richard Marx, Tom Bresh, Bonnie Herman and countless others.

Mantor made this announcement earlier today while in his recording studio where he is working on the labels next project going to radio, Donny Most (Happy Days).

Listen to the song on Youtube

For more information contact:

Tony Mantor

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