project pronin: “In Your Eyes” – inventive and breathtakingly simple

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Project pronin consists of Yan Pronin, who composes plays and records most of the instruments along with featured artists who he invites along the way. Yan who lives in Las Vegas, Nevada, picked up a guitar at the age of 15 and says he has “been pretending that he can play it ever since,” somehow passing 4 years of music school.

Yan Pronin
Yan Pronin

“In Your Eyes” is a hypnotic keyboard-driven retro soundscape that fully compliments project pronin’s previous works which incorporates a variety of differing styles, such as can be found in “de ty”, “Until The Heart Stops” or “Summer”. It’s not that this track is better or worse than the previous ones but that the substance of the overall theme and style fits incredibly well with his previous evolving efforts, exploring all the creative angles of project pronin.

“In Your Eyes” – as in all of project pronin’s music is not intended to be the hyped- mainstream, commercial music that is out there but instead Yan has kept his integrity and uniqueness in adhering to his dark, and intricately developed compositions. Indeed, his music grows on us for two main reasons: a) its ominous and stark nature helps to connect with a part of our psyche and soul that many groups fail to capture. b) The beats are an addictive pulsating cure and a hypnotic source of therapy.

In “In Your Eyes”, project pronin transports us, with its alternative synth-pop sounds into futuristic places, into our own deep emotions and into a ray of hope amidst our struggles and seemingly dark fears. This track constantly surprises with an eclectic range of sounds and moods, pulling you through trances, awakenings and everything in between. The music is project pronin in full form…inventive and breathtakingly simple with every note played at its perfect moment. If you get a chance, don’t pass it up!


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