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Artist, Photographer and Video Director, R. Sol is an artist in every sense. He has been pursuing music since 2008, and also got into shooting his own music videos. His new single “Corner Boi” came about when a friend of his who produces (IRONCHEFWEEZ) sent him the beat. R. Sol usually starts freestyling to beats to build up momentum on a concept.

Released via THE UNDERDAWGS imprint, “Corner Boi” was made to talk about those in the streets glorifying and hustling narcotics. It’s all fun till you get pulled over. Once R. Sol had the concept locked in, he called his buddy JOEL over to vibe, and he laced a verse and the rest is history. They shot the video the same night the song was recorded.

Reach out to R. Sol and his music at

Instagram: @r.solzilla

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