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The 16-year-old Dallas native is more than just a singer. She is a triple threat. On top of singing, she also dances and writes her own music.

DALLAS, TEXAS— If you didn’t know her age, you’d think you were talking to a mature, twenty-something. In reality, Leona Lee is a high school sophomore in Texas with big dreams.

leona-lee-press-300 “Beyonce is my musical inspiration,” stated the young singer. “I respect her as a performer and how her career keeps going after so many years.”

Combining elements of 90’s R&B with neo-soul, Lee is on a mission to give the music industry a much-needed upgrade.

“Music today lacks a lot of meaning these days. People just say a whole lot of nothing,” stated Lee. “I want to bring back meaning to music. Everything is all big- booty women, all material things. On the radio, everybody is glorifying the wrong things. My lyrics have substance, and I feel like that’s going to separate me from the rest.”

For the last two years, Lee has worked extra hard to make her mark on the music industry. She recently filmed two music videos for her debut singles “Good Thing” and “Why Do I Love You?”

“Good thing is an upbeat tune that’s just about being there for somebody who you really like and no matter what anybody says you know you’ve got a ‘good thing’ with that person,” explained Lee. “The video is centered around a teenage- love story.”

In Lee’s second single, she sings about putting more effort into the relationship than her guy.

“It’s basically about how I’ve been treated towards the person I’ve felt strongly about, but they didn’t treat me the way I treated them back, so I’m asking myself why do I love that person. Why do I care so much when I don’t get nothing back?” explained Lee.

Both singles were written by Lee who’s been writing songs for as long as she could sing.

leona-lee-press-400“I’m honest. Whatever I write in my songs it is real, and it’s coming from me,” explained Lee. “Everything that I do is going to reflect something genuine. I want people to sense the realness in my songs.”

Along with writing her own songs, Lee has been dancing professionally ever since she could practically walk.

“I started ballet at 3-years-old. I started tap when I was four and hip hop when I was eight. I picked up modern a little later,” stated Lee.

Ready to take her career to the next level, Lee will be making the move to California after finishing up her sophomore year of high school. It’s a move she is looking forward to.

“When I finish up high school, I hope to eventually go to Stanford or the University of Southern California while still pursuing my music,” stated Lee.

To watch Lee’s videos to her debut singles, fans can check out her YouTube page. Fans can also visit her on her personal website, Twitter and Instagram.

Fans can download and listen to her music at ReverbnationSoundcloud,   iTunes and Amazon.

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