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Radio Fly introduces itself in style with debut single ‘I’m The Best’ featuring R Reed

While Jonathon Brannon has established himself as a lyricist with a gift for storytelling as the mastermind behind acoustic rock group Brannon, he is showing off an entirely different side of himself with Radio Fly. Along with a rotating cast of producers and rappers, he is bringing a fresh perspective to hip-hop. On his first single, he and rising rapper R Reed create a swaggering, self-confident anthem.

The best hip-hop songs are the ones that make you feel invincible, and that is exactly what ‘I’m The Best’ does. With its rapid fire word play and instantly memorable melodic hook, this track serves as the perfect introduction to Jonathon Brannon’s new passion project. For both longtime fans and newcomers to Brannon’s work, the first single from Radio Fly promises to be the start of something significant.

‘I’m The Best’ is available everywhere you get your music.

IG: @TheRadioFly



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