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‘Why’ is the debut single from Standard Jack, the music project of South African-born multi-instrumentalist, Gary Gossman. After playing shows in South Africa under the name ‘Iridescent’, Gary moved to New Zealand to pursue new opportunities in music. Since then, Standard Jack has been playing shows with a live band, and recorded a 5-track EP in Wellington’s Undercroft Studio, polished by Grammy Award winning mastering engineers Greg Calbi and Steve Fallone.

Standard Jack’s roots lie in classic, emo and heavy rock music while drawing influences from any other genres and artists that inspire along the way, delivering a fresh sound to those craving something new. The upcoming EP, titled ‘Lost’, is an emotional musical journey from start to finish. ‘Why’ sets the tone as the opening track with a huge sound of soaring guitar melodies and heartfelt vocals. The EP’s title track is set for release on 7 May, and the EP in its entirety in late June.


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