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Believeland musical artist Ben Ryan Metzger has released his new martial arts dance music video for Star Trek Picard. Ben wrote, composed, and performed all the vocals on this incredibly inspirational pop rock opera track inspired by the legendary Sir Patrick Stewart, master engineered by 13 time Grammy Winner Mike Makowski, and produced by Space Jam Slam phenom Chris Adams. With deeply powerful vocals and soaring high falsettos Ben showcases his amazing voice reminiscent of Elvis Presley and Andrea Bocelli engaging into maximum warp with an Axel Rose flare.

Often compared to Michael Jackson and Bruce Lee, Ben strives to solidify his own unique identity as an artist in this epic music video passionately dancing freestyle and spinning like a sharknado across the dance floor while wielding two Klingon bat’leth’s! As a lifelong figure of peace and justice Ben always expresses his philosophy of fighting with love and only uses his martial artistry to inspire and entertain.

Experience the extraordinary power to envision all humanity working together lovingly to build our strongest future in Ben Ryan Metzger’s dynamic music video. Make It So!

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