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Born and raised in Los Angeles California, I have always been a fan of music, with a love for rap and hip hop. My father has been making music his entire life. I believe that’s why making music came so natural to me, because it’s in my bloodline.

I started making music in June of 2020 during the pandemic, and have not looked back since. Currently in School for Music: LA Film School, studying music Production, I want to be a Top Artist, Business man and Music Producer.

Recently Dropped New Ep: “NO SECOND CHANCES ” I chose “Clear my mind” as the song I wanted to really push because of the uniqueness of the instrumentation; it just had a dope vibe. The song was simply me expressing myself freely, allowing my audience to get an honest raw and uncut version of myself. I speak a lot about positivity, life, and spirituality in a way that I feel many can relate to coming from where I come from fighting through the struggles and adversities of life.

My poetry, lyricism, flow, and honesty are what separate me from most. I’m not afraid to be myself and stand alone. People can expect to get an artist who has a genuine passion for his craft and has the determination and will to see everything through. People will be able to grow with me which I believe is the ultimate artist-fan experience.



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