The New Music Industry Gatekeepers!

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50% of 18-24 year olds say they discover new music on social media! Do you discover music on social media? I know I do. The power these platforms have over artists and their organic reach to potential fans is insane!

What platforms are these? YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok etc. Now put yourself in the shoes of an artist promoting yourself on these platforms…

Well you’d quickly find out its difficult enough to promote yourself in the sea of millions of other artists around the world releasing 70,000 new songs to Spotify every single day!

Now imagine if 3 of the 4 main platforms don’t allow you to promote your single…

This is what happened to DAMAG3, a non-binary rapper who tried to promote their new single ‘WHAT HAPP3N3D’ on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

On YouTube it got rejected for ‘shocking content’, the only shocking thing on the video was a half-naked girls ass. But this is allowed for big brands promoting their bikinis and beer but not this non-binary artist.

On Instagram and Facebook it was rejected for promotion of tobacco related products but there isn’t a single cigarette or vape in the whole music video.

Yes Damag3 may be a controversial figure calling out JK Rowling in the song when they go “Word To Jk Rowling F**k That B**ch” but giving false reasons as to why this LGBTQ+ artist isn’t allowed to promote their music, is this transphobia?


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