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United States – Chicago, IL – The Phil Mitchell Band is currently promoting their new record, ‘Crossroads.’ The album dropped in 2014 and is available on major internet music provider outlets. First, though, some information on the band: This is the third record Phil Mitchell has put out. The band consists of Phil Mitchell along with Kevin Branigan and Rex Carroll, who are well-established guitarists in Chicago, and Jammie Bosstel, a long-time rock singer. Lauren Anatolia also provides vocals and the man himself, Phil Mitchell, performs piano. The stylistic direction of the band is focused around Mitchell’s unique piano instrumentation.

Phil Mitchell describes the band’s mantra in the form of a political endeavor, citing that he wants to achieve similar status to acts who have projected political messages in their music – Green Day, the Doors, and the like. “What does an artist do when his world starts to cave in around him?” Mitchell explains, “He keeps using the gifts he has. That is the answer to our current economic situation.”

phil-mitchell-band-400“They just keep making quick decisions without considering the consequences. National debt, global warming, bank bailouts, pension abuse, little geothermal energy, expensive health care,” Mitchell lists off as he ponders the problems plaguing his nation. That’s why he’s designing his music to create a positive, impactful conversation about fixing those things:

“One day the government will go broke, the coast will flood… do we just ignore it all? Or are we at a crossroad? I hope more people will start to think a little more about their future and feelings with this album. Maybe they’ll get more involved.”

Mitchell often looks to compelling intellectual quotes from history in his search for answers. “One person said we have been at a crossroads as a nation for more than forty years.” He utilizes these quotes in his pursuits as an author, another creative endeavor he’s very passionate about.

Phil Mitchell also hopes that this album can be a companion to long drives across America, inciting beneficial discussions about the future and the nation. “Imagine if you were going to take a summer vacation with the family,” Mitchell tells us, “First, you would tell the kids about this great nation and the importance of reaching out strong. Concerned about their future… George Washington is needed more now than ever. You would blast ‘White Horse Rider’ over the speakers hoping someone would listen. Because you’re fed up.”

That’s the mission of Phil Mitchell & Band’s ‘Crossroads’ record. They’re fed up with the system. They want to see a change. They also want to remind people to see the light at the end of the struggle as well, though. “Let’s keep moving on. Still believe when most people have given up.”

Again, audiences can find this new intriguing record on iTunes or Amazon. Contact and relevant online networking information is listed below:

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