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The international artist kharYsma Arafat NZABA, who had reached one million streams on Spotify with his album Des Rimes En Or (I’m back) will release a new single entitled: don’t mistake, this April 11, 2022; on his birthday.

This hip-hop and love song, with a very danceable movement, will be available everywhere on the internet and it is sponsored by the Startar Bronze (STRB) cryptocurrency, a rising cryptocurrency that you can already invest by visiting the following link

It’s no secret that the artist had released a song entitled: “Why Do Not We Fall In Love” featuring with Rick Ross, a collaboration made remotely, thanks to a musical license. The 2 artists have never seen each other…and even more recently he released the title “The Hommage” featuring Juice Wrld.

A song, which is the real version of the title heavy, whose rights had been ceded a few days before the disappearance of Juice Wrld, but someone with bad intentions, had registered the titles and had illegally monopolized the rights. The title The Hommage was therefore released as a mixtape on Datpiff and on

All official kharYsma Arafat NZABA music can be heard everywhere on legal download sites and on the distributor’s official website where you can listen to exclusive music at the link

While waiting for the single Don’t Mistake this April 11, 2022, you can still rediscover the clip(video music) from his previous album “Des Rimes En Or” (I’m back) at the following link


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