Underdog: “Foundation” makes your heart pump hard and fast!

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Jason Blackwood aka Underdog, has been in the game for years, with over 350 shows to his credit and a street rep that is second to none. His music is influenced by artists such as Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, 2Pac, Notorious B.I.G., King Jus, Jada Kiss, 50 Cent, Black Sheep, Eminem and Dr. Dre. Jason is son to multi-award winning Roots Reggae artist Errol Blackwood. Much like his father has done in his genre, Jason plans to leave his own legacy in the hip hop world.


Underdog is an anomaly in the watered down mainstream hip-hop world. He is smart, talented, and insightful. His music has meaning behind it and he has the tremendous talent to deliver it. His single, “Foundation” makes your heart pump hard and fast.

Underdog can actually rap and he knows how to carry a beat. His lyrics are more than just cars, clothes, bling bling and such. He is an amazingly technical and intelligent artist. A listen through his catalog will confirm that Underdog has been consistently producing excellent music at a high level.

If you have been an Underdog fan for a while you will enjoy “Foundation” because of the unique and yet again different style he brings. This is one of the reasons that makes Underdog so enjoyable to listen to, because he is unpredictable and always comes up with something new and fresh to hear. From “Intoxicated Issues” to “Every Dog Has His Day” and back to “Foundation”, Underdog brings along a different style and feel.

The beats are always very tight and the lyricism on point, as Underdog strives to deliver high-quality, high-powered hip-hop. He is the real deal, getting inside your head and never coming out. I listened to “Foundation” with moderate expectations, but my anticipated considerations were definitely blown away – Underdog makes music that stands out! If you are a fan of good, well put together music then you will not be disappointed with this superb piece of work.



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