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Maybe it’s the fact the great writers and singers are not born but made, Sam Green who comes from an intellectual family, where his older brother is a peace maker in the middle east and his younger brother is an academic doctor in his own right. Sam being somewhat the black sheep of the family pursues a life of music and words.

Supporting his habit in a spiritual sense, by being close to his late father who was a learned man and well-read and versed in the ways of mankind. Coming out of the Second World War and seeing much blood shed he was disillusioned in the ways of mankind, but kind and trying to do what good he could do in the world. Most of his time was spent repairing watches and time pieces with his son the only one who would listen to him, Sam. Mr.Green writing poetry in his native tongue, philosophizing with young Sam and trying to make peace in his son’s eyes to understand.

The knowledge passed down to his son’s through much learning as was a custom of his families throughout history to teach their children young to survive. At a young age Sam by working part time after school had enough money to buy a crystal radio and tune in to the folk radio music of his time.  Had also enough time to enjoy the teachings of his music teachers. Many peers at school and private lessons growing up in a world full of academics, poets and musicians, the course and journey of life was to be carved out. Time had caught up with him and the revolution of the 60’s wiped his whole essence out to rebuild again and again and in bewilderment found himself an outcast, with a new environment and friends around him. Sam pursued a past time of practicing music with the musicians, poets and bohemians of that time, in Melbourne, Australia.

Through good times and through bad times, through times of learning, hardship and ease, his music was there to please. Everyone has a story of survival, Sam Green’s story is no different, he survived. Self-published for many years through the internet and libraries, his poetry, music, his voice recorded for all to relax by, always moving forward, picked up the pieces to move on finding happier ground . Perhaps it’s the gypsy in him or the ancient caravans that traveled day by day and played music by the fire light sharing in warmth of a song. His experience of life, gives much to share.

Through heart aches of Sam’s life in some ways he passes on the knowledge how life and how to make it a little bit better to adjust and be part of the happy human experience conveyed. Still independent there is nothing left but the stage and want for a better life. His music feels and expresses it, conveys it and shares it, yet another writer for this century. The current aims of Sam Green who also trades as Sam Green and the Time Machine is to find work overseas from Melbourne Australia.

Maybe to be based first in Tel Aviv with a sweet house overlooking the sea. With a performance in a nearby theatre. Maybe four to five concerts a week, for a few weeks. Then traveling around Europe and Britain. And if there be luck in the sails, touring the Americas of North. Also trying to help in advertise marketing and ideas, or in network, like an ideas factory

His music has been heard in supermarkets around the world and is known also as , a torpedo passive karma someone to share and experience recorded or live. His name says it all, Sam Green, he’s just one of us. E-mail direct

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