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Alana Randall was born and raised in Toronto, Canada and infused with Jamaican and Cuban roots via her parentage. She has been performing and residing in NYC for over 11 years, arriving with a dream to be on Broadway, where she has subsequently  been in notorious Broadway Musicals and Tours such as Motown The Musical, Dirty Dancing, Wizard Of Oz, and Westside Story to name a few. Alana has been a backup dancer for many artists like Bow Wow, Katy Perry, Next, Neil Young, and was a dancer for the NBA Toronto Raptors team. She has also had several roles in TV and Film, and is not new to the music industry where she has been a ghostwriter for many artists. For the past year Alana has been working hard on her upcoming album, while she has also found time to release 3 singles.

Running through the songs, “Reminisce”, “All I Need” and her latest single “A Little Bit”, from top to bottom, it’s nothing but quality vocals, great songwriting, amazing production, and smooth sultry lyrics that dive deep in the mind of Alana Randall.

Alana can be defined as a modern day R&B, Neo-Soul and Pop songstress, and these songs perpetuate this message. It’s the type of timeless music that you would survive with, in any decade, and you’ll feel that way after every listen.

Add in her exotic ethnic aesthetic, as classy, sassy, and proud, and magic happens from your first listen. Alana Randall’s artistic depth and quality is clear to see, and hear, but part of the appeal of her songs are their lingering appeal.

Alana has mastered the art of restraint magnificently. She never over sings, overwhelms, or overplays her sensuality, giving just enough to capture your attention, and then holding some back, inducing you to return for more.

This blueprint is so beautifully and poignantly played out on the song, and visual, for “A Little Bit”. Press play, then sit back and inhale Alana Randall’s addictive sonic passion and exhale her lyrical panache. Alana’s rich vocals and suggestive imagery which leans on a slow hip-swaying groove makes a perfect addition to your after-dinner, late-night summer playlist, as her mesmerizing voice meticulously explores the scope of the narrative.

This sexy and sultry groove will have you hitting up whoever your joint is, for an encounter in the afterhours. The flirty, soulful, yet light production balances the realer than life lyrics, exuding a yearning that can only be met physically.

It’s difficult to get tired of this tune because it hits the exact same sweet spot, whether it’s the first or the umpteenth listen. Alana Randall’s penchant for capturing the essence of passionate desire, is sharply precise on “A Little Bit”.

There’s something about the sultry sounds on this track that drip a combination of artistry and overall talent which transcends the genre factor. Alana’s silky smooth voice and effortless riffs balance perfectly with the clean and shimmering production, to craft a beautifully nuanced song.

In “A Little Bit”, Alana Randall proves herself to fit right in with the self-empowered female artists who have been redefining what it means to be a woman in today’s music scene. Connect with Alana Randall on INSTAGRAM @alanarandallofficial and SNAPCHAT: alanaretina. Stream her music on SPOTIFY and all major music platforms

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