A:m Instrumental – “Stoned Love” – The whole project encapsulates the power and depth of music

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“Stoned Love” will be one of the most interesting instrumental electronic releases of the year and reminds us that London producer, A:m Instrumental, is not only an artist but also a visionary. He has once again proven he has an unrivalled ability to create something niche and focused and make it feel familiar and comfortable. What we get is smooth, chilled vibes, mixed with soulful vocals, hip-hop beats as well as a blend of trip hop and chill wave. Paying homage to his previous work and also showcasing a series of fresh starts, A:m Instrumental  isn’t constrained by mainstream pressure and the fluidity of the album shows a clear direction. It’s an eclectic and layered mosaic, which together shows the evolution of the producer, and ultimately sets the bar for himself and other inspiring producers.

In an industry that feels overly saturated, A:m Instrumental  has recrafted traditional genres, enhancing soundscapes and sensory experiences. The classic brass elements of “Turn It Up”, the retro hip hop aspect of “Time”, the soul influences of the title track “Stoned Love”, and the cinematically inspired beat behind “People I Know” are all tangled within A:m Instrumental’s  iconic funky chilled sound.

“I’m Emotional Again” specifically takes a traditionally slapping beat and creates a depth that electronic music typically lacks. A:m Instrumental manages to find the organic within the synthetic. The whole project encapsulates the power and depth of music – forcing you to see and feel the music in a certain way, not just listen. It’s a look in to the mind of A:m Instrumental and tells a set of captivating stories.

“Stoned Love” is essentially a contemplated and classy album. At all times highly rhythmic, at others deeply atmospheric and thoroughly layered with resonating tones. Vocal samples and instrumental loops come together in ambitious mixes filled with detail and precision. On each listen you’ll notice more quirks, and the intrigue and mystery of A:m Instrumental’s mindset. Pulling off this project sounds like a huge achievement for the producer.

From the almost boom-bap styled smack of “In The City” and “Ready To Fly” to the intensely slapping groove of the mellifluous “Run Away” and the head-snapping bounce of “Falling 2021”, as well as the quaint closer “La La Good”, A:m Instrumental has reinvigorated his compositional and creative style. There is no doubt that the album is work of art, with the beautiful and soulful vocal interludes complementing the aesthetic quality of the music itself.

“Stoned Love” is an expression of A:m Instrumental’s creative musical capabilities as an electronic producer, which exceeds all previously-set limitations. All tracks are skillfully sculpted into fine soul-soothing works of art that surpass conventional boundaries. Put together, they make head bopping utterly irresistible. Vibrant beats, beautiful instrumental landscapes and intricate arrangements, provide an extension to the magical listening experience.

“Stoned Love” is rich and smooth musical poetry, on a world-class level. A:m Instrumental continues to impress by keeping listeners on their toes with captivating beats, as he lays down the groundwork for an even brighter future in the electronic music scene.


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