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August is an independent artist from Ontario, Canada. He has just dropped the single “Armed & Dangerous”, taken from his upcoming album “Winter Soldier”. With a record full of conscious lyricism, smooth production, and unabashed swagger, August is staking a legitimate claim for himself in hip hop’s lyrical class.  The artist leans into the role of rapper-as-poet, and though his lyrical assault is relentless, it never feels forced. Instead, he steadily strings together inspiring metaphors bar by bar, calmly constructing his own lyrical odyssey. Right off the cuff, August gives fans an insight about himself. On the project, he gives us some lyrical food for thought as his emotions and aspirations splurge out by setting an uplifting mood.

“Armed & Dangerous” shows the inner craft of a true artist who wants to give his fans from start to finish, himself and what he is about. Showing his poetic and rap side, the lyrics are well written, along with the beat and the performance. The instrumental is essential for this track because you really feel August’s emotions as they connect with his lyrics, letting his fans really feel the fighting spirit he feels.


The vibe is real intimate with the vocals mixed right up in front, as August introduces himself to the audience in a most convincing way. He delivers consistently strong rhymes on this track, over an immediately gripping sound which keeps listeners entertained top to bottom. “Armed & Dangerous” is a minimal, yet impacting track, as August floats through the resonating percussive haze to deliver thought-provoking raps.

August is rolling in a rhythmic heaven on “Armed & Dangerous” through intoxicating hi-hats, 808’s and lyrics that reference themselves within the track. On this track, August is comfortable and focused, openly brandishing his lyrical weaponry. Dense, intricate, and irresistibly confident, it’s a definite step in the right direction. Next to the trash we constantly hear in today’s world, “Armed & Dangerous” sounds brilliant.

“Armed & Dangerous” is a declaration of authenticity and a dedication to delivering credibility, engorged with energetic raps and brimming with self-awareness and realism. It’s August at his most bare and his most captivating, enabling us to understand the full spectrum of who he is and where he wants to go. “Armed & Dangerous” feels resoundingly fresh and both against the grain, yet easy to digest.

A constant in August’s world is his crystal clear voice and pragmatic outlook on existence. Moreover he chooses not to pander towards commercial replay value in his sonic choices. It’s indicative of an artist looking to get more out of the hip-hop and rap world than simply chart positions. August’s ability to make the audience empathize with his mindset, cannot be more beguiling, as his flow bites with menace brewing just beneath the surface of every other word.

“Armed & Dangerous” is at its most powerful when it goes into its mesmerizingly simple urbane aesthetic, with August riding the wave of the beat, delivering the most authentic experience possible. With the release of “Armed & Dangerous”, August has fired his first warning shot to the hip-hop and rap industry, and there’s plenty to suggest he has much more left in the chamber for when he releases “Winter Soldier”.


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