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Alexander James Ritchie Barnes better known by his stage name B-Nasty, is an Australian hip hop recording artist, songwriter, record producer and entrepreneur. He is the co-founder of Dough Related Productions. In 2015 he dropped “The Beginning” EP and is following it up in July 2016 with his first full album, entitled “The End Of The Beginning”. In the meantime B-Nasty has released the lead single “Top Floor”, from the upcoming album. The track was produced by Xavior Jordan.

bnasty-top-floor-coverThe energy that B-Nasty exudes is what keeps his music entertaining. He’s a lot of things, boring isn’t one of them. I love his enthusiasm and sometimes it’s numbing trying to decipher the cryptic, tongue-twisting lyricism, especially since he switches tones and flows. He reminds me of a graffiti artist.

To be the best, you have to beat the best – and that seems to be a clear philosophy for B-Nasty. After dropping music and earning his stripes, B-Nasty is ready to be mentioned with the best. “Top Floor” proves that B-Nasty’s respect from his peers and predecessors will be well-deserved when it happens.

At his best, B-Nasty is able to add subtle nuance to his rapid-fire rhymes. For much of “Top Floor”, he uses his varied skill set to chronicle his thoughts. The track accomplishes the task of showcasing the Australian’s trap style to a wider audience in a much more digestible fashion.

bnasty-top-floor-profileAnd while the track flows smoothly and is easy on the ear ( except for the explicit language), the way B-Nasty stacks his rhymes into the tightened beat pocket without breaking tempo is what makes his sound top notch.

“Top Floor” is a strong track with a permeating message. The whole vibe is original, and the exquisite minimalist piano-based production tips the scales, in tow with strong braggadocio lyricism. The spirit of collaboration is palpable throughout the single, and speaks to the good nature amongst creative partners. As a result, the track is elevated by the production’s sonic uniformity.

Arguably the face of Australian Hip Hop’s present indie momentum, B-Nasty’s command of musical time is apparent; he can flow over anything. Depending on the mood, he can almost always adapt to the music, even if the final product isn’t the most remarkable. Just capturing the vibe is sufficient for him to kill it.

B-Nasty is ripe with raw talent, and “Top Floor” is an adequate stepping-stone for whatever may follow, as he continues to mature as a young MC. He has all the intangibles to succeed; they’re just waiting for the album to happen!


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