Cailo – “Steal The Show” – a production that will attract just about anyone

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Cailo is a driven artist. Her music’s gorgeous sheen, often accompanied by catchy pop melodies, is hard to resist, and are full of flair and originality. On her new single, “Steal The Show”, the Vallejo, CA artist, pushes that aesthetic to the limit, while also blending in some 70’ and 80’s disco diva nostalgia. For all the track’s modernity, the vocals bring back that distinct mellifluous flavor, once delivered by legends like Thelma Houston, Donna Summer, Anta Ward and Gloria Gaynor. The intense sound design is funky and rhythmic, telling us that the producer and songwriter, Cailo is a force to be reckoned with.

Cailo takes familiar ideas and puts them through her own gauntlet of effects and tricks, particularly her muscular rhythm section and smart tonal shifts between smooth and gritty, mashing up the various sides of her style – the EDM producer and the radio-friendly songwriter. “Steal The Show” turns that dualism into complete sensory orgasm, a feeling that defines the song.

“Steal The Show” position the producer as someone who can work with a mix of styles within her genre. She can trend-hop, and lean on both classic and futuristic sounds, because there’s a boldness to her work that gives it something more than just commercial appeal. From the straight EDM kids to underground heads, there’s something in Cailo’s productions that will attract just about anyone.

Cailo’s accessibility can easily contort into more complex shapes, when she wants to. However on “Steal The Show” she plays it fairly straightforward, hanging to a solid groove and a captivating vocal melody.

A track like this, showcases the trust Cailo has in her own ability. She takes chances with the production, letting the funky guitars synthesizers bounce all over the song. The pockets left in-between, are filled by mellifluous vocals and ideas conducted beautifully.

“Steal The Show” continually takes the listener on a roller-coaster ride, with high-energy and smooth segments flowing together in harmony. For just under four minutes these forces coexist as one swoops and dives into the other.

The track immediately opens up to the ear, at once more accessible and more mature than anything Cailo has put her name to previously. This musical template will no doubt enamor listeners of a wide EDM extraction, and well beyond.

While the vocals and melody are top notch, the magic lies in Cailo expertly recalling the past and taking it into the future. This is a truly exceptional production work, as Cailo demonstrates considerable skills at building a polished, unified track out of varied elements.

The propulsive groove of “Steal The Show” results in a melodic, rhythmic and inviting piece of work that can be enjoyed by casual fans of electronic music as well as hardcore devotees. Hearing this track on mainstream radio wouldn’t surprise me at all.


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