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This isn’t my first encounter with Chords of Truth. I’ve heard almost all of his older stuff and to be honest, I have always appreciated his talent, and have felt a connection to his music. Jason Garriotte aka Chords of Truth, released his debut EP “Reflections of Reality” in early 2012, and has subsequently toured a variety of cities throughout the United States playing countless shows, as well as releasing a consistent number or record releases. He then took a break from recording and performing music during 2017-2018 before getting back to the drawing board. 2020, sees Chords of Truth, release his brand new single, “The Mirage”.

Chords of Truth’s music is always full and with a depth of emotions unmatched. This particular singer-songwriter track, has the same dramatic and haunting music coupled with lyrics which could be indicative of a man who is attempting to come to terms with his existence, and maybe something beyond: Off in the distance what could it be? / Wonders as far as the eye can see / Freedom, happiness, beauty, and love / Phantoms of what could be to come.

To attempt to tap into these personal frequencies, requires a healthy amount of emotional empathy on the part of the songwriter, which Chords of Truth’s possesses by the bucket load: “We affect how we behave / But I know that I am a slave / To the chemicals coursing through my veins / Concocted by firings in my brain.” The clean acoustic guitar strums relentlessly, the Chords of Truth’s voice resonates powerfully, while the warm keys embellish all that surrounds it.

In the background, but not too far behind, lies the eloquent vocal phrasings of Susan Shewbridge – also responsible for the excellent keyboards – who adds the perfect harmonic atmosphere to the proceedings. She beams with shimmering ambience shadowing the melody. Each vocal nuance is sung like the weight of the world depended on it.

Shewbridge’s voice, is a delicate yet resonant thing, woven deep through this song’s precious fabric. The very idea of her presence shows the thought behind what may seem like a simple song construction by Chords of Truth.

The musical implementations Chords of Truth manifests throughout “The Mirage”, on the surface, appear to be dressed up in heaven-sent acoustic guitars, shimmering keys and searching melodies but they cut no less deep than any of his other songs.

Chords of Truth possesses the unflinching commitment to possess his songs with the words and vocals required to make them ring true. The soul is laid bare, the frailties and flaws exposed, and the joys uncovered. Chords of Truth’s voice resonates with emotive clarity, while his melodies are timeless and familiar, yet they sometimes land where you least expect them to.

Chords of Truth houses his introspective narratives in tidy, form-fitting folk structures reminiscent of the great singer-songwriters of the ‘70s. “The Mirage” is built around a classic acoustic arrangement but is augmented by the tasteful keyboard machines, and the choral wonder, courtesy of Susan Shewbridge. More than just a singer-songwriter, Chords of Truth is an earnest soul searcher.


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