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New York based model, actor and singer Chrystal Copland releases her latest 6 track project simply entitled “EP”. The shapeshifting production, ethereal and awe-inspiring atmospheres, and twisting melodies work together in yielding a flagrant and modern backdrop for the polymorphous flow of energy and experiences Chrystal brings to the table. The resulting sounds are focused somewhere between ecstasy and anxiety, as well as dark and light.  Undoubtedly, these shades, and states of emotion, are a driving force in the singer’s provocative lyrics, hypnotic sound, and mesmerizingly beautiful vocal nuances.

Chrystal Copland has the mystique of an enigmatic avant-pop chanteuse and should afforded all the critical fascination normally afforded to artists of that caliber. Her cadence is so fluid, airy and hypnotic that she is able to harmonize with beats and production that would be well outside the comfort range of most of her contemporaries. She has managed to create addictive melodies against the sometimes affective and minimal sounds.

Chrystal Copland

Chrystal’s focus on the personal and the expressive, which at once becomes the universal, reflects deeply on the human experience in alternating emotional and psychological states.  It makes for a gripping listening session, right from the opening track, “Run (No One Will Save You)”. It’s a spine tingling moment. Chrystal Copland voice is an instrument of alluring power. Nestling beside the solitary electric guitar, its moody, melancholic beauty will raise hairs on your neck.

The wistful “Fade into You”, again features the resonant strum of the guitar, while Chrystal delivers her languorous balladry and quiet groove, in a song that maintains a steady momentum from start to end. This is something she does even better on “9 Crimes”. The slowly-picked six-string jangle, forms the perfect palette for the singer to forge her shades of bone-deep soul-searching on.

“I’m Not Broken” is a harrowing and emotional account, by an artist unafraid to push herself outside of her comfort zone. Chrystal seems more obsessed with dragging her authentic sentiments out of the song, rather than simply achieving a pretty sound.

The result gives us a raw and visceral moment to savor. “Way Out”, is possibly my favorite song on the EP. A total musical flex, it rocks with a bluesy grit and a slapping drum that is hard to ignore. The guitars crunch and squeal, juxtaposed against Chrystal Copland’s dark and chilling voice.

The equally exceptional closing track “I Saw U” is another standout, in which Chrystal Copland moves effortlessly over a slinky bassline and fiery guitar driven beat. Throughout this EP, Chrystal revels in the intensity of her emotive states that can be passionate and angry, as well as fragile and despairing.

She beautifully balances loud, clamorous, with elegant and theatrical – sometimes all in one verse. Her voice weaves its way through the mostly sparse guitar driven instrumentals, accumulating superb nuances that exercise the full capacity of her vocal expression.

Chrystal Copland’s ability to consistently build mood and atmosphere, throughout the six tracks on “EP”, is masterful, and makes for a very compelling listen. It is a most powerful and sincere piece of work, which epitomizes Chrystal as the gifted artist she is.


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